Perfect Curls

10 Steps to Perfect Curls

1. Use styling product!! – I suggest Brocato CurlKarma curl energizing cream, Umberto Gianni Curl Jelly, or Deva Curl Styling Cream to style and DevaCurl NoPoo or Low Poo(for oily or extremely fine) for wash. Remember you don’t need a lot of NoPoo, just add more water if it doesn’t get all the way through, think like conditioner but scrub your scalp.

2. Bring your styling product into the shower.

3. Do not brush curls when out of the shower, if combing is needed do it with the conditioner in your hair with a wide tooth comb of fingers, rinse and then begin styling process.

4. Add product to soaking wet hair and always listen for a scrunch noise. This sound means you have enough water in your hair and helps evenly distribute the product and keeps all curls consistant. Scrunch until hair is full saturated and curls are in a strong position.

5. Use a cotton t-shirt/ sweat shirt or a micro fiber/ shammy towel instead of a regular towel to reduce frizz. Use the scrunch motion while drying, try to only scrunch each section until you cant get any more water out and curls are full enhanced. This is the time whent he curls should take on their true form.

6. If using a diffuser do not move it around in the hair, place hair in the diffuser and hold towards head, keep it still for at least 3 minutes in each section. This will amplify your curls. Try not to point it up away from you head it will create fly aways (frizzy halo). Low/ medium blow… Low/medium heat. Not hot.

7. If you are air drying the less you disrupt the hair, or curl pattern the less frizz you will create. Remember curls don’t like to be touched, we want to set them in there natural position. This is a hard one for all you hair tossers out there…

8. Once hair is at least 90% dry you can unscrunch the crunch. The shell that forms on the hair can easily be scrunched off. I suggest a nice hair spray for those of you who need more encouragement with your curls. Sebastian SHAPER PLUS or Lanza Dry Spray.

9. Always get your hair cut by some who is experience with curls. Lots of stylists will say they can, but ask more questions like, “Do you use a razor or Thinning shears?” and “Do you dry cut?”. Hair stylist should not use these tools on your hair it will increase frizz. Dry Cutting can be very beneficial for the really curly girls.

10. Use professional product, the DevaCurl product line is a new amazing innovative product line for curls, seek it out and use it it works!!! Lanza is also a very nice healing hair care line for curls. I have over 12 year experience specializing in curly textured hair styling. You will be in good hands with me!