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  1. Charlene Weston

    Hi Alex
    I’ve tried texting you but Each message says it failed bad reception in Qualicum.
    I have very fine dry curly hair..I’ve only just moved to the Island in September.My hair is a nightmare.
    I finally found a curly hair stylists in Whiterock…Loved it! Then we had to move to Vancouver Island.
    I’m back to nightmare! Just wandering when approximately you will be taking new clients.
    The cut is everything.I also think the water is not helping either….need advice.Thanks you looking forward to hearing from you.Charlene Weston

  2. Melinda Mayfield

    Hi there. You have been recommended to me for my hair cutting needs. :-).
    I realize you’re not accepting new clients at this time, but I’d like to be put on your waiting list please. If it helps, I don’t prefer any colour, just a haircut. And I only live in Nanaimo in the winter months (October-April) so it would only be 1-2 cuts with you each year. Thanks.

  3. Sandy Evans

    I cannot believe I finally found a curly hair specialist!!! I’m so sad to hear that you’re not taking any new clients at the moment!!! I don’t have super curly hair, I have big loose curls and my hair gets very frizzy. I wear my hair straight 90% of the time, mostly because no one knows how to cut curly hair. I’m always telling hairdressers not to use any tools but scissors. Some even tell me that it’s better to use thinners or shearing scissors for my hair. I don’t have a specific hairdresser I’m always trying someone new. My 12 year old son also has curly hair, his is curled and more course than mine. His last haircut the barber just jumped right in with shearing scissors, he just went and started hacking away!!! I wanted to scream DON’T I wanted to cry. I’m going to start cutting my son’s hair to stay away from the hackers…lol can you tell I’m a little annoyed…lol sorry for this HUGE message. Anyway I will leave you my name and number and if you ever have any cancellations that you can’t fill please call me. Thank you so much!!!

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