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10 tips for Styling Curly Hair

1. Use  a lot of styling product!! – we suggest Brocato CurlKarma curl energizing cream to style and DevaCurl NoPoo for wash (you don’t need a lot of NoPoo, just add more water if it doesn’t get all the way through)

2. Bring your styling product into the shower.

3. Do not brush curls out of the shower, if combing is needed do it with the conditioner in your hair with a wide tooth comb rinse and then begin styling process.

4. Add product to soaking wet hair and always listen for a scrunch noise. This sound means you have enough water in your hair and helps evenly distribute the product.

5. Use a cotton t-shirt/ sweat shirt or a micro fiber/ shammy towel instead of a regular towel to reduce frizz. Use the scrunch motion while drying, try to only scrunch each section once or twice, if you repetively go over it it can contribute to frizz.

6. If using a diffuser do not move it around in the hair, place hair in the diffuser and hold towards head, keep it still for at least 3 minutes in each section. This will amplify your curls. Try not to point it up away from you head it eill create little frizzy fly aways.

7. If you are air drying the less you disrupt the hair, or curl pattern the less frizz you will create. Remember curls don’t like to be touched, we want to set them in there natural position. This is a hard one for all you hair tossers out there…

8. Once hair is at least 80% dry use a shine spray or oil, I suggest Lanza Neem Silk Serum. Or a nice Hair spray for those of you who need more encouragement with your curls, I suggest Sebastian SHAPER.

9. Always get your hair cut by some who is experience with curls. Lots of stylists will say they can, but ask more questions like, “Do you use a razor or Thinning shears?” and “Do you dry cut?”. Hair stylist should not use  these tools on your hair it will increase frizz. Dry Cutting can be very beneficial for the really curly girls.

10. Use professional product, the DevaCurl product line is a new amazing innovative product line for curls, seek it out and use it it works!!!

At Vanilla Alley Hair Salon we retail all products listed above and Alex Huston has over 10 year experience specializing in curly textured hair styling. You will be in good hands at our Salon!20150326_112109

Olaplex Blond Multiplier



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Have you ever wanted to go really blonde but afraid of the after math such as extreme breakage, dry damaged hair? Well the newest innovation in the hair industry, Olaplex the blonde multiplier is now at Vanilla Alley hair Salon Downtown.

Olaplex dramatically eliminates breakage from chemical services and leave hair feeling shiny and healthy. Made famous by celebrity stylists Guy Tang.(

We at Vanilla Hair Salon are so excited to be able to offer this amazing service to our Clients!!

Call for an Appointment 2507547313


Curls Curls Curls

Curly Hair Specialist

Alex's hair Competition photo

Alex’s  hair Competition photo

Have you been searching for some one to properly cut your curls. At Vanilla Alley Hair Salon we have heard all the horror stories from clients about the experiences they have had with their past hair cuts. Alex Huston has specialized in curly hair for over 10 years. You will be safe in her hands. Alex has cut all types of curls from Afro hair, to hair that needs a lot of encouragement to curl.  She also teaches curly hair cutting classes at the VIU Hairdressing program. Come in and get a cut that works with your natural curl, and walk out styled with beautiful curls (not straightened or puffed out! )

Attention Curly Hair People

Curly Hair

5th Place photo

Do you have curly hair? Do you know some one who struggles with their curls? Want some new styling techniques?

Come see us at Vanilla Alley Hair Salon Downtown Nanaimo. We specialize in curly hair.  Our own Alex Huston teaches Curly Hair cutting Classes for the students a the VIU Hairdressing program. She has been specializing in Curly hair for over 10 years. If you have been searching for a hairdresser look no further. We will not cut too much off, we will not over texturize, we will not let you leave with a huge puffy afro 🙂 and we promise you will leave happy and feeling great!

Give us a call for an appointment today~ 250.754.7313

Clients Testimonials


Carrie Hohnstein

I was born naturally frazzled. I was teased constantly about my thick curly hair. All through my adult life I searched over and over for products that would make my hair tame, without that wet hard scrunchy look…..I googled curly hair specialists and found Alex at the Vanilla Alley. I am pleased to say, I have found my product. I’m embracing and wearing my hair down and curly. It’s soft. I’ve noticed my natural curls are actually beautiful ringlets. I trust Alex Huston with my hair 100% with cut, curl and products. I’ve finally found my hair stylist! I will recommend always Vanilla Hair Salon to anyone, very welcoming with smiles, offering coffee and it always feels like home. I plan on bringing my son with very tight curls in soon. 🙂 Alex is wonderful.


Troy Stewart

A few weeks ago i took my son to a real salon for a haircut , and my son can be a challenge sometimes (real handful ) Alex was amazing , she is running a great business and really took the time to make my son feel comfortable getting his hair washed and cut , he was very unsure of the whole process . The ten minute haircut took more than a half hour . Alex was so patient and really made him feel comfortable. So i am not trying to win anything here just wanted to say Thank You . You are awesome . And will be an amazing nurturing mother .


Jenn Tallis

The first time I had Alex cut my hair curly….it was like having my hair razored with scissors. She explained why she was doing it and how it would benefit the cut. It was wonderful to hear why it was being done that way. Thanks!!!


Lindsay Kloosterboer

Alex rocked my curls. I can finally wear my hair down and it takes no time in the morning at all. So awesome to have someone who knows what they are doing!!



Alex is Back!

Vanilla Alley welcomes Alex back! Alex will be returning to the salon on April 7th, after the birth of her baby boy on Christmas day.  For appointments with Alex call and book 250.754.7313.  Alex is looking forward to being back in the salon and she misses all her loyal clientel .

Also we are looking forward to Dana McClinton joining our team in June! Dana has 15 years experience and has owned her own salon in the past. Dana is a very talented hair stylist and we are excited to have her at the salon!

Baby Evander was Born

Well who would have thought, Alex had her baby boy on his due  date, December 25th, Christmas Day. Evander William Huston was born at 1:57pm, 7 pounds 7 ounces, 21 inches. Labour was 8 hours, pushed for 1 hour. Pretty good for the first baby. Alex and Evander are settling in a home together now. Alex is looking forward to her time off with her new baby boy. Stay tuned for when she will return to work. You can contact Alex at Here is a preview of Evander-

Its Christmas soon and Alex is on Maternity leave

Well the time has come and Alex is officially started her maternity leave.  She is due on December 25th, Christmas Day!! Alex will be visiting the salon frequently, but will no be taking clients until the spring.

As for her clients, thank you for supporting her throughout the pregnancy and she wishes for you all to continue coming to the salon and seeing Kaley, Tess and Raelene.  All three are very experienced and talented.

Kaley is amazing with Short hair and her colors are fabulous.

Tess has a great knowledge of thick hair and she specializes in achieving the perfect blonde for each client!

Raelene is an expert with fine hair and her highlights are amazing!

All three are great with curly hair, Alex has trained them well, so don’t be afraid all those curly clients out there you will be in good hands.

Also don’t forget about our new esthetician, Michel, she is in on Fridays and Saturdays. She has 10 years experience and specializes in PEDICURES! What a great gift for Christmas. She also does all other esthetic services with professionalism and perfection.

Call for your Christmas appointment ASAP, we are booking up fast.