Our Green Salon

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We are so proud to share that we are part of the Green Circle Salons. This means that all of our foils, color tubes, color, hair, paper and plastic get taken away biweekly and recycled. This is the first time salons have ever been offered such a complete recycle program.

All the foil and color tubes get melted down and separated to metal and chemical. The metal gets washed and reused and the chemical is being stored in bio hazard safe vats to eventually be incinerated/ gasification process and used for energy. The hair get sent and used for aid in oil spills large or small all over the world. Paper and plastic recycled as usual.

Here is a local article on the Green Circle Salons~


Styling Classes

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At Vanilla Alley Hair Salon we are starting a new program for our clients. We will be hold ing styling classes at our hair salon, downtown Nanaimo. Once a month we will have a class where we will teach you, the client how to do your own hair. Each class will be special for example on March 16th we will be having our first class to teach you how to flat iron curl your hair, for that soft loose red carpet look, to the wavey beachy look, which ever you prefer.

In the future we plan to have classes on styling your hair with volume, natural curl hair styling techniques, easy upstyles/ updos, braids and more. If you are interested in learning how to do your own hair better come join us on or Facebook group, http://www.facebook.com/groups/vanillaalleyclasses/?ref=ts&fref=ts , where you can check out the upcoming events and RSVP to the classes you would like to take.  There will be limit space available so only guests that RSVP can attend. We look forward to seeing our clients and new faces at our classes!!