Clients Testimonials


Carrie Hohnstein

I was born naturally frazzled. I was teased constantly about my thick curly hair. All through my adult life I searched over and over for products that would make my hair tame, without that wet hard scrunchy look…..I googled curly hair specialists and found Alex at the Vanilla Alley. I am pleased to say, I have found my product. I’m embracing and wearing my hair down and curly. It’s soft. I’ve noticed my natural curls are actually beautiful ringlets. I trust Alex Huston with my hair 100% with cut, curl and products. I’ve finally found my hair stylist! I will recommend always Vanilla Hair Salon to anyone, very welcoming with smiles, offering coffee and it always feels like home. I plan on bringing my son with very tight curls in soon. 🙂 Alex is wonderful.


Troy Stewart

A few weeks ago i took my son to a real salon for a haircut , and my son can be a challenge sometimes (real handful ) Alex was amazing , she is running a great business and really took the time to make my son feel comfortable getting his hair washed and cut , he was very unsure of the whole process . The ten minute haircut took more than a half hour . Alex was so patient and really made him feel comfortable. So i am not trying to win anything here just wanted to say Thank You . You are awesome . And will be an amazing nurturing mother .


Jenn Tallis

The first time I had Alex cut my hair curly….it was like having my hair razored with scissors. She explained why she was doing it and how it would benefit the cut. It was wonderful to hear why it was being done that way. Thanks!!!


Lindsay Kloosterboer

Alex rocked my curls. I can finally wear my hair down and it takes no time in the morning at all. So awesome to have someone who knows what they are doing!!



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