Monthly Archives: January 2010

Alex’s New Education Classes

Just an update on the recent LaBioesthetique Color Class wholesale jerseys and a Curly hair cutting classes June I will be doing.

Wednesday January 13th I did a color class for a Nanaimo Hair Salon. This wholesale jerseys color class was to keep them current and up to date with the LaBioesthetique Color line and new techniques. This involves basic color knowledge and some advanced techniques.

Wednesday January 20th I will be doing a in half day class with the level three students at the sexy Vancouver Island University Hair Dressing Program. I will be teaching them all the The important things not to do to curl hair and all the right ways to cut and personalize curls. Also the key styling tips for the students to know cheap mlb jerseys and to teach their clients in the future.

UPDATE- Jan 31 2010
The Class at Vancouver island University went really well. I preformed two hair cuts demonstrating the specialized techniques I use for curly hair. One of the students commented that it was いいね獲得への道。写真に一手間をかける one of the best classes with a guest artist that they have had. I had a great slevy time and I would love to do it again!!

Texturize in 2010

Don’t be Additional afraid of big hair. Curls Curls Curls and more Curls. This fall and winter texture is in! Bring out those natural curls with a mixture of Beam Cream cheap MLB jerseys and Style Patrol, from the Red line 2012 of LaBioesthetique.
Style Tecnique~ Finger comb cheap NFL jerseys hair. Apply a good amount of product on very wet hair, scrunch Pizzeria with a Alley towel, then let dry naturally with out chant touching throught drying process. Or Difuse after wholesale jerseys scrunching for that extra volume.